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Is your audition process working for you with self tapes?

Or maybe I should be asking – are you waiting for that audition to come knocking on your door before Self Taping? 

Your Self Tape should be used as your ‘calling card’ to get that great audition. Don’t wait for your agent to call. 

So many actors see Self Taping as just another form of the audition process and they are very definitely right in that is it another form of auditioning……… BUT…… to think this way is missing a huge opportunity.

Self Taping is very definitely a creative process.

Keeping your creative juices flowing whilst being in lockdown is not easy.

Possibly the first thing you have to appreciate and accept is that there is no easy way of going about this. It takes time and thought and practice. 

In other words you cannot expect to be a great self taper just because you have a camera and a light. 

Remember, the more you work at something the better and the easier it will become!

So lets talk about the creative process.

We often put off getting creative because of the fear of failure. We’re afraid to invest the time in something without necessarily knowing how to go about it and we fear being disappointed with the results. This is why we started our Online Drop In Classes and our Character Challenges. 

If we don’t know how to go about it what do we do? We procrastinate. When restricted to our home and not able to travel outside 5 kilometers how do we deal with this? 

Being creative has to be more than just an idea let’s face it! But, without an idea you have nothing….. so start with your idea then try it out. 

Test it. 

Experiment with it. 

(Check out our FB page for our free Character Challenge every week.

Be aware that the idea you have for your character does not always transpose on screen. This is the reason why you must practice. 

This doesn’t mean failure, but more the opportunity to learn. The more we rehearse and play with the idea, the better we are in achieving our ultimate character. Failing is just part of learning.


Break Down the task

It’s easy to be afraid of the whole Self Taping process. I get it.

Where do you put the camera? The lights? The microphone? Your reader? And then you have the naming and uploading of the file.

Try breaking it down into the various compartments. This can make it a lot less scarey. Start at the very beginning. Make a list of all your components that you need in order to record and send off a great self tape. What do you need? 

  • A camera. 
  • Lighting
  • Microphone
  • Backdrop
  • Reader
  • Naming of file
  • Uploading

Then we get to the details. 

  • Camera – Does it do what you need it to do? Can you use your iphone? 
  • Lighting – How many? Where to place? 

The list does go on but don’t let that scare you. Start at the start and work your way through.

Breaking down an activity into smaller tasks can really help you understand what is needed and helps you progress through, giving you the confidence to create a great Self Tape.

Allow yourself to get bored – and to contemplate

Being creative is childs play. But it is so easy in these days to concentrate on the frustrations rather than allowing the brain to wander and be inspired. Daydreaming is when the best ideas come to fruition. Be it in the garden, listening to music, swimming in the ocean. Avoid the frustrations of Covid and instead allow your mind to daydream and contemplate your surroundings and the wonder of nature.

And remember you don’t need to wait for an audition to create a Self Tape. Your Self Tape is your calling card to get that audition.

Have you looked at our Online Drop In classes?