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How to keep the acting dream alive by earning extra $$

An actors career is hard at the best of times, but having the continual pressure of ‘how do I pay my bills this month?’ is every actors struggle and is the harsh reality for most. Sure, there are some very fortunate actors who never have to worry about where the next $ comes from because the jobs just seem to pour in. But for most of us, it’s almost a fulltime job wondering how to keep it altogether.

Then you have the added problem of needing to keep on top of it all by doing workshops, keeping headshots up to date, showreels etc.. More often than not, actors are living on credit card debt and a lot of stress.

I found this great blog the other day and wanted to share it with you. Some ideas of how to keep the wolf from the door are really quite ingenious. Especially the one on being a ‘walking companion’! What a great idea.

Check out the link for some ideas on how to earn some extra cash whilst still keeping your dream alive.

If you have any other thoughts I’d love to hear about them. What do you do to get those extra $$ in the door? Email me and I’ll pick the best ones and share them with you.

Until then happy reading.