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The Positives of Corona Virus & 3 Things to Make Your Self Isolation Work for You


As Corona Virus spreads so too can kindness……..

As more and more productions grind to a halt, theatres and cinemas close down, drama schools, universities and schools are in lock down, it’s easy to see why there is so much panic int he world!

The world is dealing with an unprecedented  situation. And yes, it’s scary, but I believe a lot of good will come from this time.

In the long term (and let’s hope it’s not too long term) I believe businesses will benefit from this and thereby the world will benefit.


The virus has made us all go into a quarantine of consumption. No longer can we just purchase anything and everything. People will be made to think about their needs rather than their wants.

We will learn to appreciate the simple things in life like cooking a beautiful meal for our loved ones, reading a good book. Working from home will become more of a norm. This not only affects cars on the road, but gives us more time at home. More time to pursue things that are important to us. Like spending time with family and friends.

Just think, the less planes in the air, the less carbon emissions. This is the first obvious positive outcome.

I heard the other day that the citizens of Beijing (with producing less with lower carbon emissions) can see blue sky for the first time! This has got to change peoples attitude to our air quality, and give them a renewed sense of hope for a cleaner future. They can see it now rather than asking them to imagine!

This means that the virus will show us how slowing down and shutting down can produce a  better environment which will be visible on a grand scale!

If you are self isolating, then this is the best time to work on your career, your professional social media presence and your self tapes.

Three things you can do to help your career  at this time:

1. As an actor today you need to have a Social Media presence. Those that have an SM presence now and who are doing it right, create something out of nothing to make them look successful. It means that they are winning in getting their name out there and hence Casting Directors need to have them on their lists. This is the perfect time to get your Social Media presence up to date. What are you waiting for?

2. Do you have a Youtube channel? How up to date is it? Do you have any idea how much CDs are now going straight to Social Media to check you out? To see where to cast you? Your Youtube channel is the best way for us as CDs, to evaluate your work. But to do your self justice you need to have a series of different characters that fit your brand. And what may have been perfect two years ago, is not necessarily perfect for who you are now. Your Youtube channel needs to constantly be changing and updated. As CDs if we go back to your channel and see the same old scenes that we saw last year, you can guarantee that we’ll stop searching you. Keep your Youtube channel up to date and relevant.

3. And this leads us to getting in front of a camera. Be it for a new showreel, another character to add your library for your Youtube channel or something just to remind your agent how awesome you and your characters are. You should use your self tape space like a gym. Get in front of your Self Tape studio (you do have a self tape space somewhere in your home don’t you??) about twice a week. The more you practice your craft the better you become.

It’s times like these where we need to care about our fellow humans. Show compassion to those less fortunate and be kind to each other.

Stay safe and take time to evaluate the important things in life. And please know we have your back.

With much love to you all

Greg and Robbie.