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On a recent survey of the readers of our Facebook and IG pages, the number one problem for actors was ‘not enough opportunity’. And I agree.

If you get more auditions, you will naturally audition better.

But how do you get that opportunity in the first place?

I hate to say this …BUT…..This lack of opportunity ….. is your fault.

There I said it!

It is your thinking that needs to change. We know you can deliver a great character. Of course you can, you’re an actor.

But what is the Casting Director thinking?

What is the Casting Director looking for?

If you can answer that, you are closer to success than working out the details of the character.

We remember the person who is memorable!

The actor who delivers different thinking, a different version of the character
is the one we stop and want to call back.

Yes, as a trained actor, your character study and text analysis should deliver a point of difference.

But how would your thinking change, if you spent a bit of time studying the Casting Director? Or the Series Creator? Or the Director?

At the Audition Technique, we approach auditions differently. All of our thinking is based on two fundamental ideas. The first idea is:

An audition is not a test of your ability.
It is a test of your suitability.

If you have that concept at the front of your mind when you prep an audition…………

……………… will do an audition that is memorable.

When you enrol in our Self Taping School you not only learn how to make yourself memorable and how to stand out from the
crowd (let’s face it, it’s a very very crowded market place out there!), but you learn about YOU!

And YOU is what you are selling!

We teach you the fundamentals of your brand and how to grow from the essence of you, to the character you are channeling.

We give you personal mentoring every week on not just your auditioning skills but how to turn your unique personality into the business of an actor.

I look forward in teaching you why auditioning is different to acting.

I teach you how to see your industry from the eyes of the Casting Director.

For full details on what you receive, read more below. There is a list of what each lesson covers with dates on the course.


Course Starts August 23rd

What You’ll Get

Personal feedback and mentoring

You will get weekly feedback to grow your confidence but empower you to create memorable self tapes.

A supportive online community

Become a member of our private supportive and encouraging Facebook community.

Build your self tape library

Build or expand your self tape library for you to showcase and help get your talent seen.

Live webinars and Q&As

Tune into the two live webinars and ask your questions live in the Q&A that follows directly after.

Weekly self taping activities

Each week you will be given a selection of scenes and genres to shoot and share with the group.

Flexible online course

You could learn from your lounge room in your pajamas. Join actors from all ages and backgrounds globally.


Bonus 1

Live Q&As

Drawing on his experience as an actor and casting director, Greg Apps answers your burning audition and acting industry-related questions.

valued at $468.00

Bonus 2

Exclusive Online Communities

Join our private Facebook and Vimeo groups exclusively for Self Taping School course participants and access a wealth of global knowledge, support and industry connections


Bonus 3

Audio Mentoring Series

Greg Apps personally shares his insights to prepare you for the world of Self Taping in an exclusive audio mentoring series.

valued at $249.00

Bonus 4

FREE: 3 Months of Club TAT Silver

Includes monthly webinars with Greg Apps, exclusive interviews from decision makers, dedicated private Facebook Group, actor resources and access to exclusive discounts.

Valued at $35.85

Lesson Breakdown

Get personal individual feedback every week from an awarded Casting Director and audition mentoring over 6 weeks with our online course.

Each week you will deliver a self tape in a different genre with Greg providing his personal feedback straight to your inbox.

Genre: Auditioning for Prime Time Television

Lesson 1 – The possibilities of Self Taping

How has the digital world changed a Casting Directors day and how can actors insert themselves into his or her world? Learn how a self tape communicates and gives the actor creative control.

Lesson 2 – Think like a Casting Director

Stop thinking like an actor and get into the head of a Casting Director and make a lasting impression. What is the Casting Director judging you on? What makes you stand out? We’ll teach you how to cut through the noise and stand out in decision maker’s minds.

Lesson 3 – Targets & goals

What do you do if the Casting Director knows you but doesn’t get you in for a role you are perfect for? Learn how to encourage these decision makers to give you another opportunity. We’ll show you how to use self tapes to build your character repertoire.

Genre: Auditioning for Soap Opera Television

Lesson 4 – The best character qualities

Are movie stars the best actors? If it is not their ability that gets them noticed and keeps them in work then what does? Do they have a magic formula? Discover the best character qualities which help actors make a connection.

Lesson 5 – Traps of the Audition Space

The audition space is the most uncreative space in the actors world and the place where you are are most vulnerable. You need to take ownership of your audition experience. We help you delve into the choices about your actions in the space.

Genre: Auditioning for Romantic Comedy

Lesson 6 – Make your character decisions

This lesson will show you how to simplify your entire audition without relying on the script. What is your version of the audition character? Greg Apps provides critical insight into capturing this character.

Lesson 7 – Magic Moments & Rhythm

We help you capture those ‘wow’ moments in a bottle and deliver it in an audition. Learn about magic moments and how to avoid conformity in your auditions.

Lesson 8 – Motivations & Distractions

We help mold your motivations within the audition scene as well as exploring natural distractions that help you stand out from the crowd. Learn why the punctuation is less important than other elements within the script.

Genre: Auditioning for Comedy

Lesson 9 – Your Brand: Part 1

Greg Apps knows what casting directors are looking for and can teach you how to best present yourself. This lesson we teach you how to build your career playing one character and how to deliver your niche. Learn how to recognise your character traits and to embrace them.

Lesson 10 – Research & Unscripted Selfies

What is the difference between a studio self test and an unscripted selfie? Here we learn about what your character needs to portray and how you get that in front of the Casting Director. We also discuss your agent and what they are selling. How has the digital age affected their day?

Genre: Auditioning for Film & Cable Television

Lesson 11 – Your Brand: Part 2

t’s time to build your brand. Why does this casting director need to choose you and how do you deliver what they are looking for? We help discover and guide your presentation for the better.

Lesson 12 – Status & Relationships

How does status relate to you as an actor? Learn how to substitute your real life relationships and how you relate that to your character. We show you how to deliver a compelling relationship between you and your reader.

Lesson 13 – Your Brand: Part 3

You have now developed your communications tools for specific times and genres. How do you leverage your new found ability through your agent? If you don’t have an agent, no problem. We can help you with that too. You’re ready to sell yourself.

Genre: Your Brand Week

Lesson 14 – Character Clues – Fine Tuning

Casting directors are trained to notice the subtleties. We help you fine tune what you’ve learnt to create a persona decision makers want to see again and again.

Lesson 15 – Course Summary

This lesson ties all your skills you have learned over the 6 weeks. You now have the skills to explore and build your career in order to move forward. We summarise all our self-taping audition tips, to ensure you’re ready to deliver your best, when the time comes.

Casting Director Greg Apps
IMDb Profile

Meet Your Teacher & Mentor

Greg Apps, Casting Director

Greg has been casting for over 38 years and has seen hundreds of thousands of auditions over the years. He has also been responsible for putting numerous stars in their first stand out roles. Some of the names I have helped discover include Russell Crowe, Eric Bana, Jacki McKenzie, Rachel Griffiths, Guy Pearce, Hugo Weaving and more recently Geraldine Hakewill in Channel 7’s break out series ‘Wanted’.

He began his career as an actor. He has walked the red carpet, and performed in musicals, in theatre, on TV and film. Because he was an actor, he knows what you go through. He has sat in the waiting room and has felt the despair at not getting an audition for a role he desperately wanted. Being a casting director he’s also seen the other side. He’s witnesses so many talented actors stumble at the audition and make silly little mistakes that could have easily been avoided. So he decided to do something about it, to pass on his knowledge and experience to help actors audition like a pro.

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