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The 6 Benefits of Acting Workshops


Above all else, acting workshops and classes allow you to experiment, to try new methods and approaches of working, without a director restricting you to their particular character portrayal. 

So what are the benefits of acting workshops/ classes?

I have broken it down to 6 simple reasons why actors should take classes/ workshops, rather than just learn from success or failure from individual auditions.

Skills and Technique: Acting workshops provide you with different approaches that can be used repeatedly in creating different roles. They can incorporate movement, voice, script and character analysis, as well as providing you with concentration exercises that can be effective warm-up and character / script exploration. 

Observe other actors work. What works for them? What doesn’t and why? It’s through observation of various techniques that you grow your own understanding of what works and why.

Feedback and Confidence As an acting student (and all actors are students at whatever stage they are at in their career – actors never stop learning!), you’re  getting the benefit of regular, professional feedback, something that you just can’t get from doing individual auditions. (Check out our Self Taping School

Professional Advancement Continuing your training means you are constantly learning. This shows Agents and Casting Directors you are serious about your craft.

Script and Character Analysis Acting classes gives you an opportunity to explore methods and techniques for both script and character analysis. What is your characters back story? How do they relate to the other characters within your script? Why? Techniques learned can be constantly drawn on throughout your career.

Collaboration in a Safe Setting Acting workshops /classes allow actors to feel safe and be supported to try new techniques and take risks. You need to feel supported and encouraged, so that you can try new techniques without judgement of failure.  


We here at TAT are big believers in working your acting muscle. Constantly. And now, more than ever, there are so many different types of acting workshops – both online and in the room. Be sure to be discerning.

Not all workshops give you what you are looking for. Check testimonials, speak to other actors and check the credentials of the teacher. (Check out their IMDB page) Ask yourself – How does this workshop drive my acting career forward?

AS an actor, you should never stop learning!