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What is Self Taping?

What is Actor Self Taping?

A self-tape is an audition the actor films either in their own lounge room with a reader or in a self tape studio where they pay for the service.

The self tape is requested by a Casting Director (CD) typically via your agent.

You can either choose to record your audition in a self taping studio or in your own time in your own lounge room.

You then submit your audition via an online video hosting platform.

Casting Directors will supply everything needed for your audition and then it is up to you to film and return it to them before the deadline.

As an actor it gives you the flexibility to audition from anywhere in the world. This can save you a huge amount of cost such as travel and accommodation. Furthermore, you can film your audition in an environment you are comfortable with, review, re-shoot and edit before submitting.

Once you are invited to the face-to-face audition you know they have already seen your work and you have had more time to prepare because you have already performed the role.

It enables Casting Directors to have the ability to source new actors by taking chances with actors they don’t know or are not sure they are capable of the role.

For Directors and Producers, it dramatically streamlines the face-to-face casting process because the auditions have been screened prior to this stage.

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