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What is the most difficult thing an actor faces?

You have the creativity but do you have the business sense?

The most difficult thing for an actor is working out how to make ends meet financially. How to make a living out of acting.

And to be making a living from acting, you have to spend the $$ in order to have the various tools in your toolbox.

So what are the tools an actor needs apart from the obvious talent and training?

  1. An agent is possibly the most important tool you can have in your toolbox. But how do you get an agent if you don’t have the library of work?
  2. Next would be a show reel – Again if you do not have the work to showcase, how do you have a show reel apart from spending $$ in a studio? And then who knows if it will get you work?
  3. Resume and headshots – Just as important as anything else, but again no rungs on the board means nothing of note on the resume.


Therein lies the catch –  you can’t get on the shows without the resume and you can’t get the resume without landing network television roles. And you can’t get a good showreel without landing the roles. And you can’t get a good agent/ manager  without having the resume. Catch -22 anyone??

Fortunately here at the Audition Technique we have the answers. And these answers are only found in our Creating Compelling Characters Course and our Self Taping School Course.

At the end of our Creating Compelling Characters Course  and our Self Taping School Course you come away with a library of various roles ONLY you can play, ready to get that agent you have always wanted! No longer do you need the resume or the show reel. You have everything you need to go out and get that agent from the various self tapes you have done throughout the course. You have also come away with a library of different skills and tips taught to you from a heavy weight practicing Casting Director.

Since graduating from our courses students have gone on to have lead roles in NetFlix Series and films, lead roles in on going local series, and a host of cameos and guesties in ongoing series and soaps. Not to mention feature films. 

Best of all, they have gone on to create their own work winning awards and accolades both here and overseas!

Check out the success some of our students have had by doing our courses. Read the testimonials.

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