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What is your Morning Face?

I don’t know about you, but my morning face can be pretty frightening. Thank God I have a husband that loves me…. Cause I’m pretty confident in knowing only someone that loved me (including my Monty cat) could see anything redeeming in that face that yawns in the mirror!

What do I mean by your morning face?

It’s the face that gets up fresh from the pillow. 

The face that has no makeup, not shaved for 24 hours, no gel in the hair, no clean teeth, not showered and not primed.

It’s that basic face that looks in the mirror where you cringe and quickly avert the eyes.

But what attitude does that face have? Are you tired, grumpy and disheveled? What kind of a character can you create with that in mind?

Hey! Maybe you’re not like me. Maybe you’re one of the few that wake up looking gorgeous and glamorous fresh out of bed, ready to take on the world.

But the rest of us mere mortals need a shower, and at the very least a brush of the hair, cleaned teeth and a little attention before we can feel confident enough to show the world who we are and how we feel today.

But for now I want to talk about that ‘morning face’. The face that no one else sees other than those closest to us. It’s what I call our ‘real’ face, before the hair drier has got to it, the make up, the razor, the gel etc.

The morning face is the real you! It’s the person who doesn’t put on airs & graces, who doesn’t need to be liked. Smiles are still a few hours off.



It’s the grumpy persona that we ‘re looking for here. 

In one way that person is the real you. It is not enhanced with makeup. It is not enhanced with personality and charm.

You see most of us most of the time want to be liked. But our morning face doesn’t care who likes us.

That person in the mirror is your unique character. If you took your morning face person what character would you create? If you presented that persona who would step out from behind the mask?

Take a look at that face tomorrow morning when you first get out of bed, and think about what character that morning face can play.

Are you a bag lady? Are you a street worker? Now accentuate it with makeup, hair etc and you have another book in your library of characters.

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