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What is your reputation worth?

Too often, we see actors so hungry to get a break or make a $$ that they compromise themselves not just for this project but for future work.

From the time my son was old enough to understand the spoken word I instilled in him the importance of communications and relationships.

But as the years tick by and my knowledge and experience in this industry expand, I am more aware than ever, of how important relationships are in our industry.

After all, this industry, more than any other I believe, is built on trust and relationships.

Every project we are involved in is a team effort, no matter what your position may be.

How many times have you heard “It’s not what you know but who you know!”?

Greg and I met a producer the other day (who shall remain nameless) who made us realize that the relationships we forge in this industry are priceless.

We were discussing a script written by a wonderful young female writer who is so passionate about her story .It’s truly a beautiful tale.

Our producer friend though did not see it as that. He saw it as a way to make potential money, thereby missing the whole intent of the story.

The question is, do we lend our reputation so the film can secure a known name in the lead role, who may or may not be ideal? It tells the story with so much more clarity without a name.

The reason for this story, is that it would be so easy to say ‘yes’, compromising both the story, the writer and ourselves. It’s the dilemma we face.

To live with integrity must be your aim in life. No matter how rewarding it might look in financial terms, if it compromises you, your relationships and your integrity then it’s time to say ‘thanks but no thanks’.

Guard your integrity. Your reputation is all you have.

Hold your relationships close and hold them dear..

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  1. Couldnt agree more with your email regarding reputation. I’ve walked away a few times. Usually, glad I did.❤

  2. Thank you for this wonderful reminder. We had to turn many projects down because I simply could not look my child in the face when they would be all grown and tell them that they were involved in something that was against our family values. It’s easy to get lost in this business because the money is so lucrative but we have to keep our reputation, like you said it’s the only thing we have. It’s what we can stand on.