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What lights up a Casting Directors Day?

There are many drama teachers and acting tutors imploring you to take control of your audition. It is your time! It is your chance to impress!

OK. That is what you want.

What do I want? The casting director. (I have been casting full time for 38years. Prior to that I was an actor for eight years. So I know BOTH sides of this argument!)

Actors (and their teachers) do not understand the casting journey. And until you do, you will always do deep, meaningful, emotional, heart felt, passionate screen tests –and self tests –that do not connect to casting directors.

Why? Because you have not delivered what they want.

I am trying to populate a community. That goal is what every casting director is doing. And sure, if I am casting a Broadway drama, I need a stellar group of actors. All highly experienced.

But is it the same if I am casting Sons of Anarchy? Or Sex in the City? Or Orange is the New Black?

I watch the actors some in and I hope and pray they understand the rhythms and the body language of the characters in my project.

The swagger of a bikie in Sons of Anarchy, the slouch of a female prisoner in Orange is the New Black, the slink of a duplicitous teen in True Blood, or the swish of a New York female fashion follower.

This lights up my day. Not your technique. Not your ability. Not your perfectly manufactured tears on cue.

Be daring. Be bold. But above all, ask the question “what does the casting director want?”

Because if you do, you will be seen again by this decision maker.

If you let me show you what an audition looks like from the Casting Director’s side of the camera. Because then you will then know what you have to deliver on your side. The actors side of the camera.

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