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Where are we headed in all things film making?

With the new way of shooting films, giving us all a taste of the future, where are we headed in the world of all things film making?

And who are the winners when the dust settles?

Richard Janes explains “As with smaller crews, fewer extras, reduced international travel and restricted contact with key people, these are all likely to be aspects of film and higher-end TV drama production in the months to come and until it’s safe to revert to something resembling normality.”

Will this new way of shooting become the norm for at least the foreseeable future?
Or, will the new ways of working that have been forced upon the industry remain in place for the forseeable future?”

We are seeing more and more films asking for smaller studios with green screen. Check out this great article by Richard Janes ‘The Future of Film Making’

And the winners are?

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