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Why creating your own work can be better than waiting for your agent to call.

So you’ve been through acting school, you’ve done all the courses through various Film Schools and Drama Colleges, you’re still working your way through the workshop scene, but you continue to be part of the pack of actors waiting for the phone call from the agent saying “You got the role! The role of your dreams!”

You were warned by your parents, by associates and friends that acting would be hard and you really must have a second job.  

You have a second job, you’ve done everything you have been advised to do.. You have the headshots, the resume. Hell, you even have a killer show reel.

But still, you wait for that long awaited email, phone call stating ”they want you to play that fabulous role you’ve always dreamed of!”.

Well….. maybe it’s time to face some hard facts. Maybe just maybe it aint going to happen!

Sorry to burst your bubble, but we here at The Audition Technique don’t give you all the Bullshit of “You deserve the red carpet” stuff. We tell it as it is!

Don’t get me wrong, we want to see everyone of you succeed, but sometimes it’s worth looking further afield.

What are the issues that you have been facing? Maybe it’s just because you just don’t have the right look, the right ‘je ne sais quoi’.

So why not look at creating your own material from your own experiences? From experiences , stories that you hear from friends or associates. There are so many wonderful personal stories out there.

You will find that the more you write, the more you find your own voice.

If you’re a female reading this you know it is the #metoo movement. There are stories of harassment all around us. In work spaces, in public and in private settings. Write about your own family values, your idea of a soul mate, the idea of perfect or imperfect beauty.

Find other creative who are willing to share their stories. Its really quite amazing what you an come up with when you start to find your voice and talk to people.

Before you know it, you might write a play, a monologue, a web series.
My plea to you is “just do it”!

The rewards are enormous and the feelings of achievement are unmatchable!

Never be afraid to try. Maybe one day you’ll be collecting best writer award! Or best producer. Or……….