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Will you be asked to Self Tape in 2020?



How to do your best audition?

The answer is easy. A Self Tape! Why? Because you put the audition down where you are comfortable (in your own home, with surroundings that make you comfortable rather than nervous) in your own time, and you have the opportunity to do it as many times as you like, showing the take that YOU want to show rather than the CD’s choice.

But this is missing the point, will you be ready to show your best memorable self?

We have had a few emails come in lately asking us what can possible be so difficult about Self Taping and what is the point in doing a course when everything you can possibly know about self tapes can be found on the net?


Everything you need to know about HOW to do a Self Tape is on the net. But not WHAT to put on your self tape, nor when to pitch your self tape, or to whom to pitch your self tape.

And that is all about the research.

So many actors have a great reel, but are missing the mark in communicating with the Casting Directors.

A show reel is a good opportunity to show the various moments of work you have done to give the CD a good over view of where to cast you.

But a Self Tape needs to be far more laser focused than that. 

If you know how to use it and pitch it properly.

Your Self Tape is all about your research on both yourself and your target audience. 

Firstly, you need to ask where are you mostly going to be cast? If you are a white Caucasian it’s highly unlikely you will be cast as an indigenous tracker. 

Secondly, there is no point in showing your wonderful Self Tape with your serious corporate characters if the CD only casts light hearted comedies.

Without doing the research, then no matter how good your work maybe, your Self Tape won’t get the traction it deserves.

This is where our Self Taping School comes in, we teach what makes you as an individual memorable, and then how to laser focus your energies onto the right CD’s that will be receptive to YOUR work! All with personal weekly mentoring.

Our next Self Taping School starts January 13. Be sure to sign up to make the most of your 2020 auditions.